Friday, January 10, 2014


#ramblebushes could be made complicated. It's just thoughts occurring to me which I have nothing else to do with at the moment. If I internalize them they will not have the opportunity of meeting the like-minded.

Nor do I want to push them. Each must go on it's own. One might get picked up and acted on with who knows what consequences. I'll attempt to balance fame and infamy.

Why should I do this dressed like Ben Franklin and holding a cell phone? Simple answer, "It's one of two suits I own and the other is also in an 18th century style."

I have come to believe that in some ways "Clothes do make the man." And pictures have an effect on writing. That is why I think I might want to restrict photos to ones that might reasonably act as graphics or illustrations. The sort of sign post sort of drawing found in old books.

Keeping it real: "What on earth has this got to do with Acoustic Music?" It is good to uncover this question quickly so that you can see beyond it.

In the first place this web site is about all things auditory and not just music. In the second place there is no one regularly coming to this site so I may run an early risk of being too wordy and focused as few will ever see it!

Make no mistake though that music is critical to Acoustic Indiana! But the "Acoustic" is balanced by the "Music" and joined by stories that are both visual and auditory. And perhaps kinesthetic if I can get you all to come closer to the camp fire.

You've sat next to a camp fire haven't you? Remember the sound of the fire? And the smell? Everybody talking and then one person starts telling a story, and everyone else get quiet and listens.

The only amplifier in this picture is the one that's notable for it's absence. It's the one I'm talking about. This is "Un-enhanced Sound" in action.

Because of that, after the story is over, the music can go around a visually un-impeded circle. There's plenty of time. Nobody has to be a hero.

So, if you've read this far, I'm honored to have held your attention. That is not an easy thing to do these days! Now that I have it I want to leave you with one thought. Just my thought and you are welcome to keep or discard it.

You are invited to look for #ramblebushes on Acoustic Indiana, Face book, and Twitter. I'll do my best not to waste your time, so this much writing will be rare. OK. Done.


Frank Watson