Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hello Acoustic IN!

Acoustic Indiana is announcing the beginnings of an Indiana network of Acoustic IN Facebook groups! Groups presently formed include:
Acoustic IN Indy
Acoustic IN Nashville
Acoustic IN Ft Wayne
Acoustic IN Lafayette
Acoustic IN Muncie
Acoustic IN Vincennes
Acoustic IN Louisville

A special nod here to Phil Stirgwolt and Julie Hedger, the husband and wife team of Admins for Acoustic IN Louisville.

When Phil and Julie started as Admins today there were four people in the group. As of 8:20 tonight there are sixty-two. This is a great demonstration of effective leadership.

Phil is a jazz and folk musician, a recording engineer, and a wonderful person to share a campfire with. Julie is an artist, organizer, biz person and a fine hostess.

The Acoustic IN plan is to connect musicians, fans, music stores and venues for Indiana.

Another special nod goes to the Facebook group Indy Folk News. As a group they have shown me that self-organizing is sometimes the best organizing.

A key component of this network design is to aggregate posts with the Facebook page Acoustic Indiana which then posts to Twitter.

It is my hope that by creating a high value, high volume news source for regional acoustic music in Indiana, and nearby areas, we can help musicians find venues and help venues and fans find musicians.

Thanks to all of the "Early Birds" who are bearing with me as I edit group pages and screw up information. 

My first home was a twenty acre farm that was farmed with miles. Now I Tweet. Only my love for what I'm doing gives me the patience to learn this stuff!